Monday, April 20, 2015

Baby Girl: 5 more weeks!


31 pounds gained

Every week seems to bring about a new symptom. For awhile I was waking up to use the bathroom constantly through out the night. Then it switched to horrible hip pain. I couldn't sleep at all because I was tossing and turning from one side to the other because both hips hurt so badly. I would find a really comfy spot and then it wouldn't be comfy again. At 33 weeks I began swelling slightly, but by 34 weeks the swelling was a lot more noticeable and uncomfortable. It really freaked me out since it was only my left side! I also started having carpal tunnel and will wake up with one or both of my hands numb and tingly. The ridiculous heat here sure isn't helping anything!

Stretch Marks/ Body:
No stretch marks still, fingers crossed this continues as long as possible.
My stomach definitely seems to have dropped in the past week and everyone at work keeps noticing that it looks lower by the day.
At 33 weeks I had to take off my wedding band because my rings got stuck and I freaked out.
I was able to wear my engagement ring still, but that only lasted a week. Mid way through week 34 I had to stop wearing that ring as well. I could get it on and off, but when I got hot my finger would start to swell around it and I got really nervous.
My belly button continues to pop out, but it only around the outside. Its still hanging in there!

Her movements have become a lot harder lately, but she has gotten too big to really kick.
She constantly is pushing on the top of my stomach and on my right side. Kyle enjoys lightly pushing on my stomach until she pushes back on him. He says he feels like he's "fishing" for her.
She also gets hiccups a lot now, probably daily to every other day at least. They are always really low so I'm hoping this means she's head down!

I don't really have cravings, but if someone suggests something that sounds good to me I have to have it! The other day Kyle suggested going to Flannigans and I couldn't let it go until he took me.
I'm also still craving LaSpadas Roast Beef subs. I told Kyle he's going to need to get one as soon as she's here.


Random Tidbits:
 My sister-in-law did our maternity photos at 34 weeks and I love them!

Looking Forward To:
Baby girl getting here and telling everyone her name! It's killing me not being able to share it, but Kyle is adamant that he wants it to be a surprise until she arrives. 

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