Friday, July 25, 2014

High Five for July

This summer was going by really slowly. 
Now, July's almost over, I had to go into work yesterday, and I feel like I'm in crunch mode!
Where the heck did July go?

1// Fourth of July
 photo IMG_2218_zps4247dc67.jpg
My brother and his girlfriend got the cutest picture right before this, here is our best attempt...
Thanks for photo bombing mom!

 photo IMG_2196_zps010a00ac.jpg
We did get to watch the fireworks from the roof which was pretty cool.

2// Kyle went on his first job interview
 photo IMG_2226_zps1fb60e4a.jpg
He had an interview in the graphics department of a cosmetic company where two of his best friends work! It went really well!

3// Boender Annual Adventure!
 photo IMG_2260_zps13c10f3d.jpg
We just got back from our week long family vacation in Colorado.
More to come!

4// I opened my TPT store and have been crafting like crazy!
 photo IMG_2284_zps34630abc.jpg
I really love the things I made for my apple unit. 
Now to get it all cut, laminated, and ready to go!
Check out the apple freebie! Numbers 1-5

5// This wonderful picture!
 photo Erinandkyle2_zps39664983.jpg
Kyle made this for me and I absolutely love it!
It's our first dance with the lyrics behind us.
I've wanted something like this for awhile, and the free 18x20 print from Shutterfly sealed the deal!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Classroom Crafting

Recently I've started making things for my classroom. 
I used to only use things that I found online instead of taking the effort to make my own. 
However, I can be picky, and want things to look a certain way. 
After trying to unsuccessfully find something I wanted for my room, I decided to go ahead and make my own. 
Now I'm spending a ton of time this summer making things for my room and I'm absolutely loving it!
I get to make things that work perfectly for my room and my students. 
Since I've started making my own things I have opened up a store on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Many of the things on there are freebies. 

My favorite thing so far are these Classroom Job Labels. 
A teacher at my school had a poster with all her kids pictures in a circle on her door. 
I really liked the look of it and decided to make one for my job chart next year!
I'm forever forgetting who has what job and having to walk to my board to find out. 
This way, I can quickly see their picture and the job will be glued on a clothes pin clipped to their picture.
 Much easier to see from far away!
Click on the picture to download the freebie!

These are the jobs I use in my classroom only. If you'd like me to customize the job titles you can purchase that option in my store (HERE).

I'm really excited to be working on more great things for my classroom!

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