Thursday, July 10, 2014

Classroom Crafting

Recently I've started making things for my classroom. 
I used to only use things that I found online instead of taking the effort to make my own. 
However, I can be picky, and want things to look a certain way. 
After trying to unsuccessfully find something I wanted for my room, I decided to go ahead and make my own. 
Now I'm spending a ton of time this summer making things for my room and I'm absolutely loving it!
I get to make things that work perfectly for my room and my students. 
Since I've started making my own things I have opened up a store on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Many of the things on there are freebies. 

My favorite thing so far are these Classroom Job Labels. 
A teacher at my school had a poster with all her kids pictures in a circle on her door. 
I really liked the look of it and decided to make one for my job chart next year!
I'm forever forgetting who has what job and having to walk to my board to find out. 
This way, I can quickly see their picture and the job will be glued on a clothes pin clipped to their picture.
 Much easier to see from far away!
Click on the picture to download the freebie!

These are the jobs I use in my classroom only. If you'd like me to customize the job titles you can purchase that option in my store (HERE).

I'm really excited to be working on more great things for my classroom!

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