Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Iced Coffee Recipe

I love coffee.
It's something I drink daily. 
Despite the heat of Florida I typically stick with regular coffee for quite awhile. 
However, as soon as school ends it's time for iced coffee.
I've been using The Pioneer Women's recipe for years now and love it!

It's perfect for summer and I love not having to make coffee every morning. 

She makes a huge batch, but I only do about half. 

8oz Ground Coffee
1 Gallon Water
Paper towels or Cheese Cloth

1. Dump a bag of ground coffee into a bowl. I typically use 8oz.

2. Add a gallon of cold water, mixing to make sure all the grounds touch water. 

3. Cover and allow to sit at least 8 hours. I normally leave it overnight. 

4. Use a fine mesh strainer with paper towels or cheese cloth inside to catch the granules. Place over pitcher or other bowl.

5. Slowly pour coffee mixture into the strainer. 

6. Refrigerate until chilled, I normally wait till the next morning. 
7. Serve with ice and whatever you typically put in your coffee!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Very Special 6 Year Old!

In May, our niece Riley turned 6. 
So we did what we always do and headed to Orlando for a fun, relaxing weekend. 
We took off Friday and spent the night hanging out, eating, and relaxing at the hot tub. 

On Saturday we spent our time at Epcot. 
 Riley's 6th Birthday celebration and Reese's first time at Disney (11 weeks)!

The whole family!

 We went to take a picture in front of the butterflies and ended up in a promo video to be released next year about the Flower and Garden Exhibit!

While we were in Orlando, we spent Saturday night with Kyle's best friends. 
We went to a video game bar. 
I was NOT looking forward to it, but it ended up being really cool. 
The place is filled with all these old arcade games as well as multiple current game systems. 
You can borrow any of the wide range of games they offer and play as much as you like!

Here's to using kids birthdays as an excuse to go to theme parks for years to come!
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Monday, June 2, 2014

The End is Near

The end of the school year always sneaks up and then rushes by!
I have been so busy with everything happening recently. 
Not only have I been busy with the usual end of the year stuff, 
but we had a lot of school activities as well.
Not to mention, many changes for me next school year. 
I will not only be Kindergarten team leader, but I will have the inclusion class. 
This means any of the ESE students will come to my room and I will have a full time aid. 
I'm excited for all the changes, but it also means packing and moving classrooms!
With only this week to go I worry it's not going to get done!

1// We had swim for two weeks. 
Hot and sweaty called for a daily top knot.

 2// Class Butterflies! 
We spent the month raising them from caterpillars. 

3// Pony Races! 
One of my favorite things we do at the end of the school year. 

 4// Career Day!
Although the beginning of our crazy end of the year schedule, the kids always love it. 

5// Field Day!
Why oh why do we do these things in May? 
90 degree weather, I am not a fan!

 6// We Like To Move It Move It!
I started using GoNoodle in my classroom and the kids love it!
If you're a teacher check it out!
It a website full of 1-5 minute brain break activities. 
I use it for indoor recess, getting out wiggles, calming down, and class rewards.

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