Monday, June 2, 2014

The End is Near

The end of the school year always sneaks up and then rushes by!
I have been so busy with everything happening recently. 
Not only have I been busy with the usual end of the year stuff, 
but we had a lot of school activities as well.
Not to mention, many changes for me next school year. 
I will not only be Kindergarten team leader, but I will have the inclusion class. 
This means any of the ESE students will come to my room and I will have a full time aid. 
I'm excited for all the changes, but it also means packing and moving classrooms!
With only this week to go I worry it's not going to get done!

1// We had swim for two weeks. 
Hot and sweaty called for a daily top knot.

 2// Class Butterflies! 
We spent the month raising them from caterpillars. 

3// Pony Races! 
One of my favorite things we do at the end of the school year. 

 4// Career Day!
Although the beginning of our crazy end of the year schedule, the kids always love it. 

5// Field Day!
Why oh why do we do these things in May? 
90 degree weather, I am not a fan!

 6// We Like To Move It Move It!
I started using GoNoodle in my classroom and the kids love it!
If you're a teacher check it out!
It a website full of 1-5 minute brain break activities. 
I use it for indoor recess, getting out wiggles, calming down, and class rewards.

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