Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Baby Girl: 39 Weeks

36 pounds gained, although recently I lost a few which I thought was odd.

The end of pregnancy is rough. I am so ready for baby girl to be here. At this point I think I have all the symptoms! Achy hips, pregnancy carpal tunnel, lots of swelling in my hands and feet, constantly having to use the bathroom, etc. By far the worst is the pregnancy carpal tunnel. My hands are always slightly numb and hurt to bend.

Stretch Marks/ Body:
No stretch marks! Hopefully baby girl will get here before any decide to show up!
Belly button has definitely popped out.
Very few of my maternity clothes fit, why they don't make maternity clothes that last all 9 months is beyond me. 
Lots of cramps, Braxton Hicks, and regular contractions, but no baby so far.

Her movements haven't changed in awhile still very hard on the top and right side of my stomach.
However, she has dropped now so they aren't as high. 
She also gets hiccups at least once a day.

I'm not really craving anything still, I'm kind of ambivalent about food.


Random Tidbits:
I had an amazing baby shower thrown by my MIL and SIL as well as one at work. We were able to get everything we needed for baby girl's arrival.

Looking Forward To:
Baby girl getting here!!! Please come soon!
Having more clothing options. 
Also, doing things that I can't do pregnant. It's so weird how things I don't normally do I really want to since I haven't been able to. I'd really like to sit in a hot tub and have a drink.

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