Wednesday, December 31, 2014

3 Years Later

I love having out anniversary on New Year's Eve. 
I think it is such an awesome way to be able to look back on our year.
Kyle and I can't believe that it's already been three years.
The time seems to speed up, and I know it'll only get faster with all our changes ahead. 

 photo BabyGirlD7_zps91ba21cf.jpg
               2011 we said "I do".                                          Three years later we're growing to 3.
This year has brought a lot of wonderful changes to our lives.
In February, our beautiful niece Reese was born. 
It's been so wonderful to watch her grow this year.
 photo IMG_1880_zps2a9efd6e.jpg  photo IMG_2016_zps4cf45831.jpg  photo IMG_2240_zps91c1034d.jpg  photo IMG_2468_zps6013e015.jpg
February, May, July, September

In July, Kyle got a graphic design job.
As a bonus, two of his friends work there too.

 photo IMG_2226_zps1fb60e4a.jpg
Off to his interview
In August, I took on the task of having the ESE inclusion class as well as team leader.
Not only did I have a team all new to Kindergarten, but my class size went up to 26.

 photo K_zpscec2f8fc.jpg

In September, we found out I was pregnant.
We are so excited about this amazing blessing.
 photo BabyGirlD15_zps28922675.jpg 
We were lucky enough to have my sister-in-law take pictures for us early on to announce.

I can't wait for all the changes year 4 will bring!
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Thursday, November 27, 2014


The last few months have been busy and full of changes, but we are so thankful.

 photo BabyGirlD5_zpsf711be5b.jpg

Backing up to September....
Kyle celebrated his 27th birthday this year. 
The day after his birthday he came home to a pretty special present. 
He didn't think anything of it until he opened it and saw what was inside.
 photo IMG_2478_zpse2929c7e.jpg
Needless to say, he was a little bit shocked.
 photo b3c97520-913e-415a-a72a-92007090a7d6_zpsd7c3d8bc.jpg

It has been the hardest news to keep hidden. 
As soon as we got our first ultrasound at 7 weeks we just had to tell!
Our parents were all excited. 
 photo 877a6990-6359-4393-b673-6e5bd0935e6b_zps98741326.jpg

Thankfully this has been a very smooth pregnancy. 
No morning sickness here. 
Other than being tired, which I also attribute to the 26 kindergarteners in my class, 
my symptoms have been mild. 
I feel very lucky.

We waited until October to tell Kyle's extended family and broke the news on Halloween. 
We gave everyone treat bags with the sonogram inside. 

Today we are breaking the news to my extended family and youngest brother. 
Then to everyone. Finally!

We can not be more excited and anxiously await the end of May and being able to hold this precious gift in our arms.

 photo BabyGirlD9_zps18cfb3ee.jpg

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Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

It's been a busy few weeks. 
Thank goodness for this three day weekend to get some stuff done. 

Linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade

I'm sitting in the office and Kyle is watching the League Finals on his computer sans headset. 
Therefore I'm really listening to sounds of fighting. 

Once Upon a Time season 3 came out on Netflix Friday and I've basically been binge watching it ever since. Since we don't have cable I'm always waiting for my shows to come out!

I'm so ready to be at the point where I'm prepared for the week. 
Instead, I'm still in the running around trying to get everything done phase. 
Please oh please get here soon October. 
It truly takes that long to get my Kinders into a normal schedule and feel prepared. 

I always procrastinate going to the grocery store. 
It's just one of those things I wish I didn't have to do!

Three trips: 
I've never been to Europe and always have wanted to.
I love cruising, it's so nice and relaxing.
It's so stinking hot here right now all I can think about is Fall and cooler weather!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Here's to a New Year

I had every intention of writing about my classroom set up this year. 
However, this is one of the only photos I took of my classroom so far. 
Last week was busy. Busier than any year so far. 
Including the year I was hired in September and had two days to set up my room. 
Between moving rooms, being team leader, and having a team of all new to K teachers, I was stressed. 
Not to mention those extra 4 kids I got Friday afternoon. 
We have a whole extra class between us right now, and they can't hire a new teacher for at least a month. 
Then the copier at work died, and won't be fixed until Monday.
All that to say, taking pictures of my room was the absolute last thing on my mind. 
Maybe I'll remember this week, or maybe those 22 5 years olds will make me forget. 

Either way, I leave you with my favorite student quotes from last year. 
Hopefully this new bunch will keep me laughing just as much!

Student 1- (points to picture on my desk) "What are you doing there?"
Student 2- "They're taking a picture! Duh!"

Student- "How did you grow up?"
Me- "What do you mean?"
Student- "Well I know you were a baby once, but how did you get to be an adult so fast?"

Working on a sample math problem. 
Me- "How do you know 8 is greater?"
Student- " Because they circled it for you!"

Student- " My mom is 99 years old. On her birthday she'll be 100!"

Student- "If you keep putting sand in your shirt your momma gonna say take a bath!"

Science Prompt: Draw a picture of something that moves slowly.
Answers: A Baby. My Grandpa. 

Student- "I'm allergic to kissing"

Student 1- "Why did we get new markers?"
Me- "Well a lot of them disappeared when I was out."
Student 2- "I think a marker monster must have ate them!"

After talking non-stop for 20 minutes. 
Student- "My aunt says one day I'll learn to keep my mouth shut"
Me- "How will you learn that?"
Student- "Someone will probably punch me in the mouth for talking too much."
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Monday, August 11, 2014

It's That Time of Year

 photo BacktoSchoolBanner_zps0c193a81.png

It's time. 
Today starts my official first day back,and by official I mean paid and have to show up. 
We all know I've been in there almost every day for the last two weeks!
This year is bringing about a ton of changes for me, but I'm really excited.
First I became the K inclusion classroom teacher,
Then I moved rooms,
Next I became team leader.
If that wasn't enough my entire team from the past two years was broken up,
So it's me, 3 new to K teachers, and a para.
Plus those 8 ESE students and 10 "typically developing" students.
Whew, that's a lot.
Of course, leave it to me to decide to change up lots of stuff this year!
It's going to be a major learning and growing experience, but I'm excited for the challenge. 

To start the year off right I made some cute beginning of year gifts.

 photo giftbags_zpsaa198b3f.png
Everyone on my team is getting one of these today as first day pick me up.

 photo IMG_2336_zpsc10c2bc9.jpg Everyone got a cute patterned composition book, post-its, sharpie, and highlighter.
Not shown, Dove dark chocolate.
What teacher gift is complete without chocolate?

 photo Tag_zps2b6fd96e.png
I love how the gift tag came out. I saw the wording somewhere on pinterest.

I just started working on my student's gifts for Open House.
 photo justwritegifttag_zpsa808b542.png
I printed it on bright paper to match my theme.
I'll punch holes on top and bottom and slip a pencil in.
Click the picture to download this freebie!
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Colorado 2014

Colorado is always so beautiful and this year was no exception. 
It was also really nice and cool, a wonderful change from 90 degree South Florida. 

One of our first days we were able to go to dinner with friends of ours who just moved there. 
We went to this really weird burger place, it was great!
We spent the rest of the trip hanging out and hiking. 
We also spent a day in Breckenridge, which was one of the things I wanted to do the most!
So beautiful!

  photo IMG_2237_zpsea02466e.jpg
Our first hike of the trip, the tree house.

 photo IMG_2240_zps825d648b.jpg
Of course I had to spend time snuggling this cute 5 month old!
Love my niece!

 photo IMG_2273_zps268bf4ba.jpg
One of my favorite nights!
Most people went to a play, but we stayed back.
We spent most of the time playing with this cutie!
He loved popping the bubbles Riley was blowing for him.
I was so impressed with how they sat on the grass!

 photo IMG_2275_zps8bef0f8b.jpg
SO much joy!

  photo IMG_2277_zps1ea33409.jpg
She had so much fun with this dollar store kite!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Classroom DIY Crate Seats and Chart Stand

So excited to finally be linking up and showing the things I've been busy making for my room!
I finally made crate seats for my classroom!
I've been wanting to make them for awhile and just haven't gotten around to it.
I made 4 of them for my classroom library and love how they turned out. 
I bought the crates at Walmart for under $4.
Take the crate with you to Home Depot! 
The man I worked with was great and kept trimming it till it fit with enough room for my fabric. 
 I stapled on three sides pulling the fabric pretty tight. 
I flipped it over, stuffed it with poly fill, and stapled the last side down. 
I then attached another piece of fabric in a loop for a pull. 
TADA! I can't wait to use them!
I saw the coolest way to make your own chart stand using PVC pipes somewhere online.
I can't for the life of me find it now!
I've been wanting a way to hang my chart paper near my carpet area, but didn't want to spend a ton.
I was able to make this one for under $10.
It fits my largest chart paper.
I purchased two pieces of PVC pipe, two elbow connectors, and 4 T-connectors.
I used two 30" and two 40" pieces for the frame, plus the elbow and two T.
The Frame
I added two 2" pieces from the bottom of the T connectors and four 6" pieces for the stand.
I need to get ends for the legs because it slightly rocks without it.
I used old shower curtain rings to hold the paper.
I'm so excited to use this in my room!

I've been bury working on so many products for teachers pay teachers.
Focus Board Header!
I can't wait to put this up in my room this week!

ABC Apple Matching, Chalk Board Class Jobs, Number Clip Cards

Apple Number Clip Cards

Don't forget to check out TPT for their back 2 school sale!
You can find all these products and more in my TPT store for up to 28% off!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

High Five for July

This summer was going by really slowly. 
Now, July's almost over, I had to go into work yesterday, and I feel like I'm in crunch mode!
Where the heck did July go?

1// Fourth of July
 photo IMG_2218_zps4247dc67.jpg
My brother and his girlfriend got the cutest picture right before this, here is our best attempt...
Thanks for photo bombing mom!

 photo IMG_2196_zps010a00ac.jpg
We did get to watch the fireworks from the roof which was pretty cool.

2// Kyle went on his first job interview
 photo IMG_2226_zps1fb60e4a.jpg
He had an interview in the graphics department of a cosmetic company where two of his best friends work! It went really well!

3// Boender Annual Adventure!
 photo IMG_2260_zps13c10f3d.jpg
We just got back from our week long family vacation in Colorado.
More to come!

4// I opened my TPT store and have been crafting like crazy!
 photo IMG_2284_zps34630abc.jpg
I really love the things I made for my apple unit. 
Now to get it all cut, laminated, and ready to go!
Check out the apple freebie! Numbers 1-5

5// This wonderful picture!
 photo Erinandkyle2_zps39664983.jpg
Kyle made this for me and I absolutely love it!
It's our first dance with the lyrics behind us.
I've wanted something like this for awhile, and the free 18x20 print from Shutterfly sealed the deal!

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