Monday, August 18, 2014

Here's to a New Year

I had every intention of writing about my classroom set up this year. 
However, this is one of the only photos I took of my classroom so far. 
Last week was busy. Busier than any year so far. 
Including the year I was hired in September and had two days to set up my room. 
Between moving rooms, being team leader, and having a team of all new to K teachers, I was stressed. 
Not to mention those extra 4 kids I got Friday afternoon. 
We have a whole extra class between us right now, and they can't hire a new teacher for at least a month. 
Then the copier at work died, and won't be fixed until Monday.
All that to say, taking pictures of my room was the absolute last thing on my mind. 
Maybe I'll remember this week, or maybe those 22 5 years olds will make me forget. 

Either way, I leave you with my favorite student quotes from last year. 
Hopefully this new bunch will keep me laughing just as much!

Student 1- (points to picture on my desk) "What are you doing there?"
Student 2- "They're taking a picture! Duh!"

Student- "How did you grow up?"
Me- "What do you mean?"
Student- "Well I know you were a baby once, but how did you get to be an adult so fast?"

Working on a sample math problem. 
Me- "How do you know 8 is greater?"
Student- " Because they circled it for you!"

Student- " My mom is 99 years old. On her birthday she'll be 100!"

Student- "If you keep putting sand in your shirt your momma gonna say take a bath!"

Science Prompt: Draw a picture of something that moves slowly.
Answers: A Baby. My Grandpa. 

Student- "I'm allergic to kissing"

Student 1- "Why did we get new markers?"
Me- "Well a lot of them disappeared when I was out."
Student 2- "I think a marker monster must have ate them!"

After talking non-stop for 20 minutes. 
Student- "My aunt says one day I'll learn to keep my mouth shut"
Me- "How will you learn that?"
Student- "Someone will probably punch me in the mouth for talking too much."
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  1. Oh gosh, those student quotes! We've been in school for three weeks now, and I've heard some good ones. :) I just can't remember to write the all down...when's someone going to write a teacher book?


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