Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Very Special 6 Year Old!

In May, our niece Riley turned 6. 
So we did what we always do and headed to Orlando for a fun, relaxing weekend. 
We took off Friday and spent the night hanging out, eating, and relaxing at the hot tub. 

On Saturday we spent our time at Epcot. 
 Riley's 6th Birthday celebration and Reese's first time at Disney (11 weeks)!

The whole family!

 We went to take a picture in front of the butterflies and ended up in a promo video to be released next year about the Flower and Garden Exhibit!

While we were in Orlando, we spent Saturday night with Kyle's best friends. 
We went to a video game bar. 
I was NOT looking forward to it, but it ended up being really cool. 
The place is filled with all these old arcade games as well as multiple current game systems. 
You can borrow any of the wide range of games they offer and play as much as you like!

Here's to using kids birthdays as an excuse to go to theme parks for years to come!
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