Saturday, May 26, 2012

Individual Smoothie Packets

I've had a lot of new food ideas that I've been meaning to try and with Kyle working during the long weekend I decided now was the time to try them! So forgive all the posting that I'm sure will come of this.

I've been seeing homemade individual smoothie packets on pinterest for awhile now. I found the recipe I used here, Lacey In Love Blog. I used frozen raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. You can use whatever fruit you prefer as well as fresh fruit. I used frozen because it was cheaper. I also used regular vanilla yogurt instead of Greek because it was on sale.

First, I scooped a tablespoon of yogurt into my mini muffin pan, I didn't have any free ice cube trays. Once it was filled, I put the whole thing in the freezer. Mine took a little over an hour to freeze. I also had about 1/4 of the container of yogurt left.

Scooping in the yogurt

 All of my supplies

I put a little over 1 cup of fruit and 3 yogurt cubes into each bag. It made 8 packets, costing just under $2. You can use cheaper fruit to make it even more cost efficient!
 Finished bags

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