Thursday, December 20, 2012

High Five for Christmas Break!

I love Friday! It's a chance to relax and get caught up on all the things I ignored during the week. 
This Friday I'm especially excited!
It's the last Friday of the school year. Hello, Christmas Vacation!
I definitely appreciate Christmas break as a teacher more than I did as a student. 
I can't wait to sleep in, celebrate Christmas, celebrate our 1st anniversary, and spend time with family.

1. One of the things to do on Kyle's countdown was to go see The Hobbit. 
He has been talking about this movie for over a year. 
Friday night, Kyle came home with matching shirts for us to wear to the movies. 
Yes, we were that dorky couple all dressed up for the movie. 
You know it's bad when the people you go with think it's dorky!
It really was a good movie though!

2. On Saturday, my beautiful best friend asked me to be her Matron of Honor. 
She was my Maid of Honor and I couldn't be happier to celebrate this wonderful occasion with her!

 3. Later that same day I got to go dress shopping with her. 
I never went dress shopping for my own wedding so I had a lot of fun experiencing it with her. 
She tried on dresses in practically every style. 
Don't worry, this wasn't one of her top ones!

 4. There is a light show right down the street from us that I had been wanting to do to. 
The park has done it for as long as I can remember, but I couldn't tell you the last time I went. 
Kyle works at the same park so we were able to go for free. 
I enjoyed being able to experience it, but I wouldn't pay as much as they ask to do it!

5. Rocking my Gator PJs to work today. 
Be Jealous!
The whole school is wearing pajamas and doing a Polar Express Day!
It should be a ton of fun and a great send off for break!

"I Believe"


  1. My husband has been counting down to when the Hobbit would come out all year too! We saw it on Sunday and loved it!

  2. yeah for christmas break!! enjoy it!!

  3. I'm a teacher too...we actually got a snow day today (our last day before break!) And I loved the Hobbit!!!

  4. Aw light shows rock! I think we'll do our own tacky light tour tonight ;)


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