Saturday, June 27, 2015

Scarlett Grace: 1 Month

I can't believe how quickly a month has gone! 
I feel like I just had my baby and yet I've already had to pack away her newborn clothes. 

Scarlett already seems to have so much of a personality. 
She definitely lets you know what she wants.
And by lets you know I mean screams until you figure it out.

She's been great at eating from the beginning and continues to do so. 
She eats typically every 2-3 hours, but some nights has given us 4-5 hour stretches. 
From day 1 she was able to hold her head up for brief periods of time. 
She likes to lay on her her tummy on our stomach and hold her head up to look at us. 
She has started smiling sometimes when Kyle comes home from work and she hears daddy's voice.
We spend a lot of time walking outside with her in her Moby wrap or carrier. 
She loves being super warm and if she's screaming and we take her outside she'll stop. 
She doesn't like baths unless her whole body is under the water. 
Having to get out and have lotion put on is the worst.
She is not happy with laying on her back and instead sleeps in her bouncer. 
If she could she'd sleep on one of us constantly. 

I can't get enough of her and can't wait to see the changes each day brings.

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