Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scarlett Grace: 5 Months

 Scarlett was sleeping in her Rock N Play because she was waking up and couldn't be consoled in her crib. 
However, one night she tried to roll out of the Rock N Play and got her top half over the side. 
It scared me so bad that we knew we had to get her to stay in the crib. 
She hated it and after a week of horrible nights I finally broke down and bought the Magic Merlin Baby Sleep Suit. 
She may look like the Michelin Man, but she sleeps the whole night in her crib, only waking up once to eat. 

She's still in 6 month clothes, officially the longest she's been in a size. 
We always have problems since she's so long and skinny. 
Her pants are too short already but her waist is too small for the next size up. 

This month Scarlett has learned lots of new tricks like sticking out her tongue and eating her toes. 
She is also able to roll from back to front and front to back. 
She'll roll over and over until she gets off her mat, then she cries because she can't play with her toys. 
She still wants lots of attention and gets upset if she can't see you while she's playing. 
She's also hit the "stranger danger" stage and doesn't like when she's not with me or at daycare. 
She gets a huge pout on her face and starts crying if I don't get her. 
It makes it hard for family who has come down to visit this month. 
Overall she's a very happy baby and we love seeing her personality grow.

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  1. She is a beauty! Her personality shines through!

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