Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: The End is Just the Beginning

Today officially marks 2 years of marriage to the most wonderful man!
It seems to go so fast, and yet, looking back on this year its amazing how much has happened!


 photo IMG_1060_zpsb59ceb42.jpg
* We spent our 1st anniversary at Harry Potter World. 
* Kyle went back to school. 
* We went Strawberry picking for the first time with our niece.
 photo IMG_1030_zpsf8cb40e8.jpg  


 photo IMG_1062_zps1cfd10d2.jpg

* We used our season passes to spend time at Universal with friends. 
* Spent my first Valentine's Day as a teacher.
 photo IMG_1083_zpsa1fdfeb3.jpg


* Went to the Youth Day Parade with these cuties. 


 * Celebrated my 24th birthday with a power outage. 
* Kyle built me my own computer.


 photo IMG_1211_zpsf11df8e5.jpg  photo IMG_1216_zps3a0f816c.jpg  photo IMG_1237_zpsae007d59.jpg
* Went to Legoland and Sea World to celebrate our niece's 5th birthday.
*Our niece started  losing teeth like crazy.
*Celebrated my best friend's bridal shower.
 photo IMG_1246_zps1f6792f3.jpg 


 photo 20130618_201444_zps304751af.jpg
*My first year teaching ended.
*We went on vacation with my family to the beach.
* We celebrated my best friend's bachelorette party.


*Kicked off 4th of July with family.
*My best friend got married.
*Had my first Jury Duty experience.
*Visited friends in Orlando.
*Went on family vacation to Colorado.


*Went back to work. 
*Official announcement my Sister-in-Law was having baby #2


*Celebrated Kyle's 26th birthday. 
*Found out we were having another niece.
*Went on a family cruise. 
 photo IMG_1644_zpse00e48f5.jpg  photo IMG_1655_zps6c2785b8.jpg


 photo IMG_1662_zpsbf77c40d.jpg  photo IMG_1692_zps75afe5b0.jpg *All about Halloween, AKA my favorite holiday.
 photo 7b4f7cac-0ec4-4813-a793-94f9faacbd82_zpsc4bbbea2.jpg  photo IMG_1720_zps2de48cbc.jpg


*Celebrated my cousin's wedding.
*Celebrated Thanksgiving. 


 photo IMG_1767_zps5c559fb1.jpg  photo IMG_1799_zpsa91bdb60.jpg
*Bought a tree!
*Celebrated Pajama Day at school. 
  photo IMG_1806_zps2e410ec7.jpg  photo IMG_1807_zps69e46412.jpg        *Celebrated 4 Christmases, our own, my family, Kyle's family, and Kyle's extended family.

 photo IMG_1818_zps96c4b161.jpg
* Tonight I get to ring in the new year with the love of my life, celebrating our marriage.

Looking forward to all that 2014 will bring. 
What are you most looking forward to?


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