Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baby Girl: The First Trimester

I fully meant to keep up with posting pregnancy updates. 
I took all the pictures, sat down to do them, and the program I used wouldn't let me make shapes!
So I asked Kyle to help me with it. 
He got me photoshop, I couldn't figure it out. 
He got me on illustrator and walked me through it step by step. 
I sat down to do it by myself the next day and couldn't figure it out!
So here I am mid-way through 24 weeks and I finally found a different online program. 
The photos may not be exactly what I wanted, but I don't want to forget the details of this precious little one. 

Well this is covering my first 14 weeks. 

By the end of my first trimester I had gained 5 pounds.  

I was lucky enough to have a fairly easy first trimester. I would get nauseous if I didn't eat something every few hours, but as long as I had some crackers I was typically fine. I did have to start eating a carb-filled breakfast, the only thing I could manage in the morning was a bagel. 

Stretch Marks/ Body:
No stretch marks yet. By 10 weeks I couldn't hide my belly. People at work started asking me if I was pregnant.  

I felt one small flutter at 13 weeks 6 days, but nothing else. 

All I wanted was carbs and pizza. I can't tell you how many bagel bites I went through. We officially made Saturday night our pizza night. 

Before I even found out I was pregnant, coffee started making me feel sick. I kept trying to drink it every morning because I love coffee, but without fail I would drink barely half and stop. When I found out I was pregnant a few days later I completely stopped trying to drink it. 
Lunch meat
Anything spicy smelling. 
Poor Kyle, I couldn't stand packing his lunch for months due to his sandwiches and spicy chips. I would bring him the bag and make him pour them himself. 

Random Tidbits:
Kyle and I were both completely convinced that it was a boy. All the old wives tales pointed at boy except for the Chinese gender chart. At 12 weeks, thanks to blood work, we found out we were having a girl. We can't wait to meet her!
We told our parents and siblings at 7 weeks, Kyle's extended family at 10, and mine we told at 14 weeks.

Looking Forward To:
Once I had my blood drawn I couldn't wait to find out the gender. It wasn't something super important to me, but as soon as someone somewhere knew it was all I could think about.
I also couldn't wait to tell our families. It got really hard to hid and a lot of people started asking me. A part of me wished we had told sooner.

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