Friday, February 13, 2015

Baby Girl: Weeks 15-25


18 pounds gained

Hip pain. I am constantly having to switch sides at night due to my hips getting sore.
I've also had some mild heartburn and have gone through a few days of really bad headaches.
My feet swell a bit if I don't take time to sit during the work day. 
At 23 weeks I got a pretty bad cold.
I've also been pretty tired due to never getting very deep sleep. I sort of wake up a lot during the night and at least a few times for the bathroom.

Stretch Marks/ Body:
No stretch marks yet.
I have been very warm all the time. Everyone always told me you're never hot pregnant, but as someone who is always cold I never believed them. Oh how wrong I was! Kyle's loving it because I keep the house colder.

On Christmas morning (18 weeks) baby girl kicked for the first time where I knew it was her!
I felt very little movement after that until 20 weeks. Halfway through 20 weeks she started kicking so hard my stomach moves. Now she kicks pretty consistently everyday, mostly when I am laying down. Although as I am typing this she is kicking away. Kyle was able to feel her by 20 weeks. Now if he puts his hand on my stomach and leaves it there for a bit she will kick him. 

All the things I'm not supposed to eat!
I would kill for a Laspadas roast beef sub.

Fast food in general, if Kyle ever suggests going somewhere I always tell him I want "real" food.

Random Tidbits:
I am all belly and loving it. I still can't believe how big my stomach is already.
However, I'm sad nothing fits. I had to officially move into maternity bottoms around 16 weeks. 
Now I can only wear maternity clothes.
We officially agreed on her name on New Year's Eve. It was a fun 3rd anniversary idea. However, we won't be sharing until she gets here and have a back up name in case we change our minds.

Looking Forward To:
Buying things for baby girl and setting up her area. AKA a corner of our room since we're planning on moving not too long after she's born.

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