Monday, March 9, 2015

Baby Girl: 2/3 of the Way There!


23 pounds gained

Pretty similar to what I've been having.
The hip pain will be really bad for a few days then gone for a week or two.
It feels a lot better when I'm walking around, so Kyle's been going on short walks with me.
When I lay down a lot of times I feel like I can't breathe, it takes me a minute to feel like I can get a full breath in.
If I don't eat enough I start to feel nauseous again. I'm eating my normal amounts and not extra hungry, so it's hard to make sure I'm getting enough food.

Stretch Marks/ Body:
No stretch marks still, fingers crossed this continues as long as possible.
My stomach seems to be getting more ball shaped by the minute and baby girl is starting to stretch out my sides as well.
My belly button is starting to pop out on top and I know it's just a matter of time before its fully popped.

She continues to kick and move all the time. Her kicks just keep getting harder!
I can now feel a lot of other movements as well. It's so weird to feel her slide across my stomach as she spins and flips.
She likes to dig random body parts into my side, as soon as I push on it she'll immediately retract it.
Baby girl does not like have things invade her space. She spends lots of time kicking the bed, seat belt, and waist band on my jeans. 

Right now my biggest problem is not craving anything. I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good to me.

Right now I'm pretty much up for anything.

Random Tidbits:
Kyle wall mounted our TV and moved around furniture in the bedroom so we have a corner ready for her. Now we just need to get everything set up.

Looking Forward To:
Starting to house hunt in the next few weeks.

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