Thursday, January 31, 2013

What the?

As a teacher, I tend to be constantly amazed at the things that come out of my student's mouths. 
Not always is that amazement about something good.

Way too often I've realized that my students say things that are completely inappropriate for their age.
Many times I give them the benefit of the doubt, 
Only to find out from their parent that they do know the meaning of the word they said.
I have even had parents question if they called me the word, or simply said it. 
I'm sorry, but if I was told my 5 year old was saying curse words at school it wouldn't matter how it was said. 

There is of course your fair share of "he said a bad word"
Later to find out that "bad" word was stupid, dumb, poopoo head, etc.
And you get your hilarious phonetic spelling of the word come, 
that many times makes me wonder what others think when they come in during writing. 

Sadly, you know you're a public school teacher when you've been flicked off and cursed at by your 5 year old students. 

Have you ever experienced something outrageous from a little kid?


  1. I once had a 3rd grader write that he couldn't wait to spend Spring Break at his "aunt and uncle's condom" (condo). :) I'm embarrassed to admit that I had to wipe tears from my eyes...couldn't pull it together.

  2. That is sad that you would have to deal with vulgar language from kids that young already! I think I was more like high school age when I started learning curse words...and till this day I find no good reason to use them!

  3. Isn't it amazing??? The things my kids say constantly shock me!



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