Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pinterest Fails

This past week in our bible study we talked a lot about how women are the heart of the home. 
One thing we discussed was how easy it is to let household chores slide. 
With free time this summer I decided to try and get better at this. 
On pinterest, I found some great ideas for daily chore schedules. 
I love to check things off so this seemed right up my ally. 
After combining a few different ones I finally made one that I think will work well for us. 
 I found the graphic online, I honestly don't remember where, then added all the words.

So this week I've tried to do a really good deep clean.
Hopefully after this week I'll be able to only need a short time each day. 

I turned to pinterest to find some simple homemade cleaning supplies. 
First, I tried this oven cleaner. 
 Here are the before and after pictures. 
I followed the directions and then ended up scrubbing and scrubbing and there's still only a small difference!
Anyone have a better homemade cleaner?

Then, I tired this idea for the microwave. 
It didn't need to much of a cleaning, but I figured less work is always better.
Nothing "easily" wiped away. I still had to work to clean it out. 

Clearly I'm 0/2 on new pinterest cleaning tips this week. 
At least the house is looking good!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you getting a schedule for cleaning! I need to do that. How annoying that the pinterest cleaning recipes didn't work!


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