Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Days

This summer was one of the craziest, busiest ones I can remember. 
I was so thankful that we both had the time off that we could do all these wonderful things. 

Our July:

1. 4th of July was spent BBQing and hanging out at the pool with the family.
 photo faa6f32b-c166-49d3-aa68-9ff965471ea9_zpsea72c6a6.jpg

2. Julia and Robbie's Wedding.
The following day we spent an extremely short, whirlwind weekend celebrating my best friends wedding in Colorado. It was absolutely gorgeous.

 photo IMG_1339_zps7682fcd1.jpg  photo IMG_1371_zps748569c1.jpg

3. I had my first experience with jury duty.
Thankfully there were too many jurors and I got to go home almost immediately!

4. 7/11

5. Orlando Weekend
One of Kyle's best friends came down from Iowa to visit. 
So we made the trip up there to see them. 
The last time we saw them, his wife was 6 months pregnant. 
When we saw them this summer, they had a 4 month old. 
 photo IMG_1401_zps07f2d39d.jpg
  Of course, no Orlando trip is complete without a stop at Harry Potter World. 

6. Boender Annual Colorado Trip.
The following weekend, it was back to Colorado for a week long stay.
 photo IMG_1413_zps8199dbd1.jpg  photo IMG_1415_zps198ac27f.jpg  photo IMG_1417_zpse996883c.jpg  photo IMG_1421_zps3cfb678d.jpg  photo IMG_1448_zps481ec075.jpg  photo IMG_1461_zps5fc2d28a.jpg  photo IMG_1486_zps3e2ee6a2.jpg  photo IMG_1482_zps08391c1e.jpg 
 photo IMG_1491_zps80061690.jpg  photo IMG_1518_zps85b5534f.jpg
Totally met Clark Duke on the way home!

7. This cutie turned 1!

 photo IMG_1557_zps12b79286.jpg

As you can see, July was insanely busy, but full of wonderful memories.  


  1. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful summer!!!

  2. Wow, that was a busy month!! But it sure looks like the fun kind of busy to me! :)


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