Tuesday, October 15, 2013


In September, we took off on a long weekend to celebrate Kyle and my brother-in-law's birthdays.
It was a great trip to get away for a few days. 
It was extremely weird to think that at that time the previous year I started my first day of work. 
 I am so thankful for the difference a year makes. 

We spent the trip relaxing.

 photo IMG_1644_zpse00e48f5.jpg
 photo IMG_1647_zpse6b47c1e.jpg
 photo IMG_1648_zps306e46d4.jpg
 photo IMG_1652_zpsd64835b9.jpg photo IMG_1653_zps2335edd1.jpg
 photo IMG_1651_zps1ad4b54f.jpg photo IMG_1650_zpsd1fc9968.jpg
 photo IMG_1657_zps304d640b.jpg photo IMG_1655_zps6c2785b8.jpg

1 comment:

  1. Wow, girl! That looks like the perfect place to relax. I'm slightly jealous!


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