Monday, March 4, 2013

Every Now and Then I Fall Apart

This week/weekend I spent the majority of my time camped out on the couch.
 I was miserably sick and after leaving work the second I possibly could I parked myself on the couch.
Other than watching an entire season of Glee in three days I've been pretty unproductive.

Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who is always there to help.
He's so wonderful about taking care of me when I'm sick, always checking to make sure there's nothing I need or running to the store to pick up tissues. 
Unfortunately he might be coming down with what I had. 
At least our couch is so big we can both lay on it!
Now let's just hope I make it through today and the start of swim with my kinders. 

Only 3 more weeks till Spring Break!


  1. oh no! Feel better! We have spring break the same week!


  2. Sometimes it's fun to be sick with your spouse. It's bonding time. ;-) Also, watching a season of glee is good enough productivity. Haha. Hope you fell better, girl!


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