Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Fault In Our Stars

I rarely read a book that makes me feel as many emotions in a 300 page span as this book did. 
 Once again, this book was on my to read list, but not one that I would typically read. 
I started The Fault in Our Stars, only knowing that it was about a girl with cancer.
I had no idea if it would be funny, sad, or keep me interested.
At one point, I was laughing and Kyle looked at me weird and said, 
"isn't that a book about kids with cancer?"
Yes, yes it is, but their situations are so real.

I really enjoyed this book because it felt so real to me. 
As I read I wasn't sure where it was going to go, 
yet at other parts I couldn't figure out what else was still going to be written.
Not that I could ever relate to what was happening in the story, but I felt connected to the characters.
I felt like their story was real life. 
It didn't gloss over the harsh reality of disease to give you this happy story. 

There were so many parts and so many things that happened.
It didn't feel like a story to me, but that I was hearing about their daily lives. 
Everything was connected, but not really.
I loved Hazel and Gus's relationship, 
no, their relationship isn't a normal teen relationship, 
but at the same time it really is. 
They were just two teenagers falling in love and trying their best to navigate the situations that they were going through in life. 

They were so defined by their disease, and yet they were just normal teenagers trying to get the most out of their lives before they ended. 
I loved how Hazel tells her parents she feels like a grenade, destined to damage those near her. 
Then later, when she realizes that her parents are planning for their future it seems to give her closer on her own life. 
You won't walk away happy, I cried my eyes out in the end, 
but I'd still recommend this book and am really glad I ended up buying it.


  1. great book indeed!

    also i see you're reading a feast for crows... i've read the first two GOT books and can't wait for season three of the tv show to premiere tomorrow!

  2. Great review! I agree with you that the characters were the best part... At times I thought the plot was a bit slow but the book is so character driven that I didn't mind. Thanks for linking up!


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