Thursday, October 4, 2012

High Five for Friday {10}

My life has been completely consumed with teaching! 
I wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, and am ready for bed. 
And of course by the time I make it home it's time for to make dinner. 
Plus I have a to do list that seems never ending. 
I probably add 3-5 things for every one thing I cross off. 

Thankfully, I love teaching. 
Even when the kids are bouncing off the walls, I still want to go back the next day. 
Maybe not right when I wake up, because lets face it, 6:30am is way too early!

On Monday, I got stuck at a clearance meeting all morning, but the process for me to actually get into the systems in finally in progress!
Monday when I came to school I was told I was going to get the kids.
I scrambled to pull together a few things to keep them entertained for the last 30 minutes of the day.
Then I lost misplaced two of my kids...

Everyone told me that they would help me with dismissal since no one had given me a list of how everyone leaves. 
I was told that aftercare would come by to get their kids and then I needed to walk the rest of the kids out with the other teachers.
So aftercare comes by and 5 of my students say they are aftercare. I double check with the workers and they say yes, these are the aftercare kids. 
So off they go.
Then I get outside and two different students are supposed to be picked up and I have no idea where they were, especially since I met these children 30 minutes prior.
Finally we found them, they had both gone to aftercare!
Needless to say I was given a list as soon as we got back to the room. 

Tuesday was my first day with them and they were CRAZY!
Running around, talking like crazy, pretending they couldn't hear me!
It was a mess.
Sadly, I've had to be EXTREMELY strict with them ever since then because they just are not listening.
Thankfully the last few days have been better and we're finally getting into the swing of things. 

I've almost made it through my first week in the classroom and am beginning to feel like I have things under control. 
I even left Thursday before 5pm!

On the down side, I am now getting sick :(
Plus I cried like a baby through the end of Glee, and I have to wait till November now!! 

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  1. Totally sounds how my first week had gone! But you are right, you have to be firm with the kids or they won't take you seriously! They'll eventually get the routine down and get settled in. And your school definitely should've given you a list for how they were dismissed! [Or at least the other teachers...before the kids arrived. I think that's what my team did for me.] Do you get an assistant in your class? Or is it just you?


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