Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

For those of you who have never played Settlers of Catan, 
you are seriously missing out!

The first time I ever played was the summer before college.
At the time I remember it being fun, but since I had my wisdom teeth pulled only moments before I didn't think much else about the game. 

Last month, friends of ours brought the game over and we've been hooked ever since. 
As in we've played three different weekends in the last month. 
Each time we've played three games. 
And those games are not that quick either!

This past weekend, our cousin had friends over to hang out. 
The main focus of course was Settlers.
However, for some odd reason the game only allows for 4 players.
With the expansion pack you can play with up to 6.
We had 7 people, so we had to be creative.
Enter an epic version!
Multiple games and expansion packs combined, plus a few rule modifications.
It was amazing even though I lost all three rounds.

As a random side note:
Our church rocks! 
Happy Halloween!
Go hug a vampire!


  1. I actually own one ever knows what it is!!!!

  2. that is a wonderful game :)

  3. settlers is the best! haha it took me sooo long to figure it out, but now, i love it! :)


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