Monday, February 25, 2013

Do Opposites Attract?

One of the downfalls of going to work so early in the morning is no music!
Seriously, I search through every channel and am lucky to hear one or two songs.
I do get to hear all the morning talk shows. 
Typically it's not too thrilling, but every once in awhile it provides a good discussion topic.
Recently the topic was if couples work better if they are really similar or opposite.
Apparently, dating sites match people based on how many things they have in common.

 Kyle and I probably would never have been matched.
Core values and goals, of course, but the day to day things not so much.
I'm a first born, this means I like organization, planning, and following the rules.
I don't tend to bend much.
Kyle is a third born, baby of the family.
He is super go with the flow, not easily phased, who cares if we're late type person.
 He is crazy laid back.
Kyle builds computers and plays video games.
Sometimes he drives me crazy.
I mean, what is a goal oriented, go by the book person supposed to do when confronted with someone who could care less about her well laid plans?
I never am late, ever. Kyle likes to leave when things start.
I knew what college I wanted to go to, I went.
I knew what I wanted to do when I got a job, I found the best program and got my Master's.
That's just not Kyle.
But, if Kyle was just like me we probably wouldn't be together.

I like to read and watch TV

Thankfully, we did attract, opposite and all.
We truly balance each other out.
I'd like to think I make Kyle more conscientious about what's going on around him.
And maybe a little more organized.
I know that he had made me more relaxed.
He might not always see it, but I know it's true.
I'm okay with being a little late most of the time.
If things don't go exactly as planned I can handle it.
I don't even bother him immediately to clean up things.
Immediately is the key word here people,  lets not get crazy.

Neither of us are perfect, but I like to think that we're perfect for each other.
We work well with each other.
We keep each other on track and help balance the other out.
We still agree on the big things and we work around the little things.
In the end, I don't think it matters if you are the same or opposite as long as you are willing to commit to that person no matter what comes your way.
Committing to each other when it's hard to get along and when it seems like the easiest thing in the world.
If you're committed to each other, then you can get through the days when you just plain don't like them. And some days that's perfectly okay.


  1. I think most couples end up with a pretty good blend of characteristics that are the same (the key, important things) and characteristics that are opposite. My husband and I are so opposite on some key characteristics (where we grew up, ethnicity, first language, age, college major) that I'm always amazed that we even happened to meet!

  2. My fiance and I definitely balance each other out. We agree on the really big things (which was proven by this relationship survey we had to take during marriage prep) but on others we are totally opposite. It's a matter of getting to know the person you are with.

  3. I think you're right. My hubby and I are more different than we are are similar and that works best for us. :-)

  4. i love this! i totally believe this 100%. if you date someone just like you... that would be no fun at all!

    found you via the blog hop :)

    Harley & Jane

  5. my husband and i are opposites too. i think that makes things fun! we don't always do the same thing because we take turns doing each other's things! my husband loves video games too and builds his own computers! he is an engineering major nerd and i majored in people! (family and human services!) although i am the first born, he gets me to places on time! i am so easily distracted!

    have you played portal 2 with your husband? it is my favorite game to play with Bruce when he wants some video games and i want some quality time! it is not killing anyone just solving problems and i like that! also it makes me laugh cuz the robots are so cute! it is on x-box & PC for sure!


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