Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Other Side

While there are many times that I am utterly shocked in a negative way about what comes out of my student's mouths there are also many times where their complete innocence has me laughing out loud. 
Sorry I'm not sorry for laughing at my students. 
They don't know I'm laughing at them, it's all good. 
This has nothing to do with this post. Pictures of my class is probably a no no!

Here are some of my favorite student quotes from this year.

Our last unit was on neighborhoods. We were reading a book about maps.
Me: Then you turn east
Student: East, you mean like the Easter Bunny?

Yes, exactly like the Easter Bunny. At least he understands word parts?

One plus about Kindergarten is that you get complimented a lot on your clothing choices. 
It's nice to know my jeans, Toms, and sweater are so appreciated. 
One morning I was wearing a statement necklace. 
Student: I like your necklace, it looks like bouncy balls!

If you want to impress a Kindergartener identify with their interests.
I can't tell you how cool I was for seeing Wreck-It Ralph.

We're learning about different types of energy in Science right now. 
The other day we were doing a sorting activity on objects that give off light, heat, or both. 
Me: Can someone tell me something that gives off light and heat?
Student 1: A bombfire!
Student 2: Like a bomb?
Student 1: No, don't worry, they just call it that because it gets really big!

At least he can justify his answers!


  1. This is adorable. Kids truly do say the darndest things. :-)

  2. I love the funny things kids say! People aren't nearly as hilarious when they grow up!

  3. My students (though 15) are so ridiculous. They make me laugh daily, and never get why I am laughing at them!

    Great post!

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  5. Those responses were adorable. My little one will be headed to kindergarten in August and I'm terrified!(more reasons then one) She is in preschool right now and some of the things her teacher has told me that comes out of her mouth sounds like some of your students. My child has been known to tell the teacher that her hair looks awful. More then once.

    Found you from the blog hop and now following! Looking forward to reading more!


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