Monday, February 18, 2013

The Way to My Heart

I love holidays. 
All of them!
So of course I was ready for Valentine's Day.
We had a great time at school celebrating!
 photo IMG_1077_zpsf12f581b.jpg
We made a new bulletin board for the back wall on the 100th day of school.
 photo IMG_1078_zps7d459037.jpg
All of the students got to give reasons they loved Kindergarten and people they loved in Kindergarten.
We passed out Valentine's Cards and let me tell you, my class was so sweet. 
 photo IMG_1083_zpsa1fdfeb3.jpg photo IMG_1082_zpsf2fb4e33.jpg We spent the rest of the day doing heart activities, reading valentine's books, and watching a valentine's show. 
 photo IMG_1080_zpsd0b1c985.jpg
My Valentine to the class
It was a great day!

Then, I went home to my wonderful husband. 
We've never really celebrated Valentine's Day too much. 
Typically, we'll do something small and then maybe dinner and a movie. 
When we were dating we never even celebrated on the actual day. 
Christmas and our anniversary were right before Valentine's Day, 
so it's a lot packed into a few months. 
My husband definitely knows me, I came home and he had spent the day doing the dishes and cleaning the bathrooms and our bedroom. 
He even dusted!
It was wonderful, we ordered in pizza and Kyle got cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.

I, of course, made him some yummy treats. 
 photo IMG_1086_zpsc9f53e3f.jpg  photo IMG_1087_zps4b720aae.jpg 
 2 ingredient fudge                                                 Homemade Chocolates
  photo IMG_1088_zps21d60bad.jpg
Reese Cups


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day! I think your hubby did great!

  2. Aww, that sounds like a fun Valentine's Day, both at school and with your husband, too!

  3. how fun! i want that donut and those reese's cups right now!!


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