Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Debby Downer"

I honestly can't remember tropical storms hitting us as badly as they have this year. Summers in Florida almost always mean daily rainfall, but with these tropical storms it seems like a constant deluge has come our way. Since this is our last week of work we have holed up in the house, leaving only when necessary. Ice cream counts as necessary correct? 

 Sadly, not even staying inside can keep us out of the rain. Hello, water damage. So thankful that we're renting and don't have to deal with this on our own. Of course, I'm not too thrilled that the apartment complex didn't get their roof fixed before the rain when they knew that it needed to be fixed....

At least the rain has given us a chance to do some stuff around the house. 

I packed up some more boxes for moving. Sadly, I still have more books to pack!
I finished up crafts for a bachelorette party.
We spent lots of time cuddling on the couch reading. And of course, watching t.v.

I think I will forever miss the days when this time of year meant hurricane parties and Mrs. Behr's homemade funnel cake. Hurricane parties were the best!
It literally rained for 24 hours here....

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