Friday, June 15, 2012

High Five For Friday

Great things from this past week.

1. I've finally started packing up some boxes so we can bring them down when we go see our families next month.
 2. Even though we found a place we loved a few months back, we never signed a lease. The county I'm looking for a job in is huge and I was worried about being really far north and potentially having over an hour commute both ways. Since we weren't going to know where I'll be working till after a lease needs to be signed it was a little nerve wracking. Since then, some things have changed and we decided to look closer to our families. I'm super excited to hopefully be living right between our families, about 15 minutes either way!

3. We also decided to look at condos instead of just apartments, so we're getting a realtor! We can't wait to find someplace and actually make it our own. This apartment has been such an in between place for us.

4. I cut my hair! I never liked the style I had after I donated my hair even though it was exactly what I asked for. Since it's finally grown out I went and got the wedge evened out and added side bangs.

5. I've been really enjoying this summer trying to come up with cute ways to wear clothes that I already own. Almost everyday this week I've worn an old outfit in a new way.

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