Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five for Friday {6}

The lighting was terrible!!

1. My little brother graduated from college!
2.We love Sonic! My youngest brother went to Sonic and brought us back some!

3. We went to downtown Disney with my brother-in-law. We got ice cream at Ghirardelli and it was gigantic. Hello Espresso Chip!

4. I saw these cute no sew hair bows from The Pinterest Project and found this tutorial! They are so simple and can be worn on a headband as well. I'm already in love. Now if only my hair would get long enough that I can do the cute hairstyle these came from! 

Photobucket Photobucket
5. I've been babysitting our niece most afternoons this week. Coloring and The Swan Princess are clearly the best ways to spend an afternoon.
My brother stopped by one day and her shy side came out. She spent almost an hour hiding behind our couch poking her head out whenever she thought we weren't watching her.


  1. Hey girl!
    Found your blog through High Five for Friday! Love it!!!
    The hairbow is adorable, but my hair is too short too!
    Have a great weekend!!!


    1. Mine's pretty short too. They work on headbands or you can pull back the top half of your hair and pin it there as well!

  2. Ghirardelli icecream is the best!! :)

  3. That ice cream looks so awesome! I want ice cream now! haha!

  4. That Ghirardelii ice cream looks sooooo yummy! Love that bow...too cute & perfect for me since I can't sew! :)

  5. that ice cream looks so good and that bow turned out so cute! i love it!


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