Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The One With the Indoor Sauna

My favorite decorations so far!
We are finally almost completely unpacked! 
Moving is tough.
It's even harder when you're babysitting a 4 year old, trying to find a job, and doing odd jobs for your parents all at the same time.
 This morning we finally got internet!
Now if hubs will only finish unpacking we'll be done!!
Seriously, why is it that I was able to unpack all of my personal things plus all the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. yet hubs still hasn't hung up his clothes?
I have learned since we've been married that while I like to unpack and get all organized hubs is perfectly happy living out of his suitcase.
Living Room
Clearly work still needs to be done. We don't have many of the decorations hung up yet and need some rugs and other things to make it home.
After only living with my parents, in dorms, or apartments, this condo has been an experience.
The owners are a really sweet couple, but they definitely have different tastes than us!
For example, we couldn't figure out how to turn the fan on in the living room, the only light there. When we asked them about it they told us that it was one that plugged into the wall but they cut the wire because they didn't want to use the fan! Umm, what?
Thank goodness they are super sweet and willing to pay for us to get it fixed. 
Dining Room
Our first day here I came home from running errands to a pretty warm house. 
Kyle had been out on the patio with our niece and had left the door open so I wasn't too concerned. Until it kept creeping up a degree at a time the rest of the night. 
By morning it was back to where we had it set so we weren't sure what has wrong. 
And then it began creeping up until we had our own indoor sauna. 
Thankfully they replaced the unit because they had fixed whatever the problem was a few times before.

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  1. boys are soo silly. i don't understand why they don't care about the things that i do! :) glad to know my husband's not the only one!


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