Thursday, July 19, 2012

ERMAHGERSH! Boender Annual Adventure!

My Brother-in-Law is currently obsessed with these memes

After hearing my husband talk about his family's Colorado vacation every summer I was super excited to officially be allowed to come too! We stayed at a ranch about an hour and a half north west of Colorado Springs. While we were there we spent time catching butterflies and bugs (Kyle's grandparents own a place called Butterfly World in South Florida) as well as doing some touristy things. 

Sadly, I've always gotten horribly motion sick. Even with medication I tend to have my eyes shut with earphones in my ears so I don't have to concentrate on anything. So travel was rough. One thing I didn't mention, every so often when my motion sickness mixes with overheating and altitude change I black out. As in I can't see anything, voices sound super far away, standing makes me want to puke, and I loose all color in my face making me look like a corpse. Thankfully after a few minutes of cool air and sitting I'm completely back to normal. This has happened to me a total of three times in my life, so I never even thought about it, until we got to our gate in Colorado. What a way to start vacation, freaking out the entire extended family! Thank goodness for a wonderful man who not only had heard my story about the last time this happened, but is always willing to take care of me. 

After the airport, the rest of the trip was wonderful. I got tons of sleep thanks to travel sickness medicine and car rides! 
1// On the plane to Colorado 2// Our Cousin was in the same sorority as me, but at a different school. Phi Lamb is everywhere 3// 4 story tree house 4// We caught a bunny on the hike 5// Neighbors own Llama, they wander across the roads. 6// Butterfly catching at Cripple Creek 7// Hole in the rock at Cripple Creek 8// Glow stick party! 9// Royal Gorge 10// Railroad ride at the gorge 11// Rollercoaster ride at Breckenridge 12// Elevenmile Canyon, it was gorgeous there 13// BIL before going in the icy water 14// Kyle and I at the Canyon 15// Feeding chipmunks out of our hands at lunch 16// Goodbye Colorado! View from the dining hall.


  1. I'm sorry you get such terrible motion sickness :/ I tend to get sick in the car when my stomach is's weird. And sometimes on plane rides. What medicine do you take? If you don't mind me asking...dramamine doesn't work for me :/

  2. It's just called Travel Sickness. It's a non-drowsy one. I actually went to find it last time and the store had changed its layout. I ended up asking the pharmacy and the guy there suggested this one that they sold behind the counter, but you didn't need a prescription for. It works better for me then other brands and is crazy cheap too!


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