Monday, July 2, 2012

Bachelorette Weekend Surprise!

After weeks of planning we were finally able to celebrate my college roommate's upcoming wedding. The maid of honor thought that it would be easier if it was a surprise so we managed to coordinate a weekend at the beach for some girl time. I was in charge of decorations so I go to use some of my saved up pinterest crafts to decorate. 
Party Decorations! 

They turned out really well! The banner in the middle is a timeline of their relationship. It says, They met, They dated, It was love, So he proposed and she said yes, So we'll party, Till the "I Do". It also had the date of each event under the wording. There were tons of pictures of them and pictures of the bridal party with the bride in the "we'll party" section. We also blew up a ton of balloons and had them floating around the house. 

After getting all the decorations set up, all the bridesmaids went out to dinner to await the bride and maid of honor. 
Our beautiful dinner view

Once the bride arrived we had fondue and a lingerie shower. The rest of the weekend was filled with beach time and girl time. It was such a nice, low key weekend. Sadly, I got crazy sunburned. That's what I get for being so white I guess.

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  1. That banner sounds super cute! Glad you had a nice weekend :) Was she surprised?


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