Sunday, July 22, 2012

This is the Stuff


I like things organized. 
My planner and my iCal are color coded and have my life in them. 
I don't like not having plans.
I like having control.
God has a sense of humor, he gave me Kyle, my complete opposite in this.
He also is constantly trying to teach me to give up control. I constantly struggle against this.

Enter the most unorganized time of my life.
I'm going to be honest, these last few days have been some of my roughest yet. 
We're moving a week from today and currently don't have somewhere to live.
School starts in a month and I haven't had any sort of interview lined up. 
And there's nothing I can physically do to get any of this to happen. 

I wrote before about how we had found a condo and were so excited about it. We're still trying to get the condo, but it seems like one thing after the other keeps getting in our way. I don't doubt that we'll get the condo, it just doesn't look like we'll be in it when we need to be. We filled out the forms, and found out 11 days later that the owner's realtor never sent them to the association. We figured everything out with them and then found out we needed to give them a copy of the lease. We didn't have one because the realtor said the condo had to approve us before the final lease was signed. We found out the association has to meet with us and only meets on Mondays. We have to move Sunday. We get the final lease and are told we have to pay, first, last, and security. All the same price. We had been told first and last. We couldn't afford all three. 

I called my dad sobbing because I had no idea what to do and was so stressed. My dad is not only a minister, but used to work for a company that teaches people about how to handle their money. After helping me figure it all out he says,"I'm glad you're going through this." I'm sorry, what? My dad clarified that he was glad that we were figuring out how to deal with the stress of money and searching for the right solution before doing something dumb in a panic that messed us up even worse. Leave it to my dad to remind me of the blessing in my mess. 

As for a job, I've applied every place that's hiring in my county for my age group. Hopefully someone will call me soon! Jobs were just posted less than two weeks ago, but once again for me, not having a future plan is stressing me out!

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  1. I'm doing a guest post for a friend, and I put that song in the post :) It's such a great reminder of all the little ways God blesses us, even when we feel like He isn't there. I'm sorry you're having such a rough week, but God IS a jealous God - He wants all of us, all of our life, and giving up control is the hardest but best way to give ourselves to Him. TRUST ME, I'm struggling with this one too, hehe. Keep your head up :)


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