Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Skittles Vodka Tutorial

When we first started talking about Kyle's birthday party, he really wanted to try some kind of fun drink.
Since neither of us really had any idea of what we would like we started looking.
I had heard of skittles vodka before, but didn't think much of it until then.
We decided to go ahead and try it. 
After the party...
Let me just preface this by saying it was a pain in the butt!

60 skittles per color. Buy the regular size bag of skittles!
The recipe I found said a 1.75ml bottle of vodka. (You only need half that)
Some kind of glass jar.
Water bottles.

First, put 60 skittles of each color in a bottle. So 60 red skittles in bottle #1, 60 green skittles in bottle #2, etc.
Pour 6 oz. of vodka over the skittles. This will yield approximately 8oz.
Put the lid on and shake.
Allow bottles to sit until all the skittles have dissolved, shaking whenever you think about it.
We did a double batch of each color and it took around 2 days.

Now for the fun part.
Take one of your glass jars.
Put a funnel in it, and place a coffee filter inside the funnel.
Slowly pour one color of the vodka through the filter.
You want to get out all the white gunk floating on top.
The vodka literally never filtered through. I ended up having to squeeze it through the filter.
Not only that, but I strained it completely through twice and it could have used more.
Continue this till all the vodka has been strained.
It took me multiple hours for this part, and a few multi-colored fingers.
The colors do turn out pretty awesome though!

Once done freeze overnight and serve. We mixed them with Ginger Ale, Sprite, and Mountain Dew.


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  2. Hi from the bloghop(:

    wow this looks and sounds really good. I've had gummy bear vodka, but never skittle. Definitely something I need to try soon! Love the mason jars, too by the way!

    Have a happy Wednesday

    xoxo Heather


  3. This sounds fun minus all the work ; ) Looks cool though! Maybe they should just sell premade Skittles vodka! ; ) New follower!

  4. Umm...this post just got pinned!! I want to make this :)

    <3 Jamie


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