Saturday, September 22, 2012

The One With the Dumpster Incident

Anyone else have trouble sleeping without their husband?
Because I always seem to!
It's so weird how quickly that happens.

The other night I was consistently waking up as I waited for Kyle to come to bed. 
He finally came in, but seemed to be searching for something. 
Eventually, he asks me if I've seen his phone all night. 
So I call it and it goes straight to voice mail. 
That always seems like a bad sign.
Of course by this time I'm up and we begin searching. 
He checks the car. 
No phone.
Then he remembers that he threw a bunch of stuff in the dumpster on his way in.
There's no way it got thrown in too right?

He grabs a flashlight and peeks in the dumpster.
Kyle's phone at the very bottom of the dumpster.

So here we are at midnight trying to figure out how he's going to get his phone.
It quickly becomes apparent to me that there is no way he's going to be able to get himself back out if he goes in.

Trying to stay as far out as possible!
Woken up and forced into a dumpster. 
I think I should get an amazing wife award for this!
Sadly, Kyle just thought it was funny. 
Next time, his phone can stay 6ft down in a dumpster...


  1. You must love him to get in there ;)

  2. i, too have had a hard time sleeping without my husband! it's so funny, though because i clearly remember not being able to sleep WITH him when we first got married because it took me forever to get used to him being there, haha. so funny how quickly that changes!

    and how sweet of you to do that! glad to know i'm not the only one who throws away important things..i once threw away the keys to a car i had just bought thirty minutes before in the trash can at a fast food restaurant. i got one of the workers to get it out for me though, haha!

    morgan at

  3. You deserve wife of the year award!

  4. Bahaha - you have a good thing to hold over his head now. If he doesn't want to do something for you, "you remember that time I climbed into a dumpster..." :P


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